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Choosing Bedside Tables

Choosing Bedside Tables

There are several options to choose from when choosing a bedside table. These options include style, size, material, and functionality. Regardless of your needs, a bedside table can help you organize your bedroom. Read on to find out more about the various options. The next time you go to buy a bedside table, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Size of a bedside table

A bedside table is a great place to keep a variety of items near the bed. They should be at least 20″ wide by 20″ deep. The height should match or be close to the height of the bed. You can buy smaller versions or large ones to fit different sized rooms.

If space is limited in your bedroom, you can buy bedside tables that have more storage space. Open cubes are great for keeping a bedside lamp and alarm clock, while shelved units with two or three drawers are ideal for hiding glasses, books, and medications. However, avoid placing too many things on top of a bedside table as this can create a cluttered look.


There are many different materials that make great bedside tables. Wood is a classic choice, but you can also use glass, metal, or even rattan for a unique look. If you choose glass, you should be aware of its fragility. Glass is easily scratched, attracts dust, and shows marks, so it should be cleaned regularly. Similarly, wooden bedside tables are classic and timeless, but they can be easily stained or scratched.

The materials for bedside tables can vary depending on the design. The Moon table features two side-by-side half circles with glass shelves on each side. This design features oak multilayer curved veneer, which is 7mm thick. The Moon table was the evolutionary result of the Era table, which was also made from oak.


There are many different styles of bedside tables available in the market. You can go for a simple one with no drawers, a more glam style with mirrored surfaces, or a bohemian style with rattan sides and a low center. Whatever your style, designers recommend that you take into account proportion and size when purchasing a nightstand.

A bedside table should be functional and also decorative. Some are made with drawers, which are handy for storing small objects and are convenient for visitors. Some also have open shelves that serve as a bedside library or display area.


Bedside tables can be a useful storage solution or a stylish piece of furniture. Some models have drawers, while others feature a flat surface above the mattress. Others may even have a handy cabinet with a door. Although most are not practical for storing anything larger than a book, bedside tables can serve a variety of purposes.

Bedside tables provide quick access to your bedroom essentials, from your alarm clock to your favorite book. If you have drawers, a bedside table is an ideal place to keep religious objects. Bedside tables are an important part of any bedroom, but there are some considerations before purchasing one.

Amazing hacks for choosing a bedside table unit

Amazing hacks for choosing a bedside table unit

The bedside table is the ideal complement to any bed. Bedsides tables has been a recent trend in modern bedroom interior. The bedside tablesare idealpiece of furniture that must excel in both form and function. They are the best way to transform any bedroom into a fashionable and valuable area. Functional bedside tables are a need if you want to close your favorite things for the night. Your next bedside tables can be easily organized because the nightstands keep everything within reach. Choosing the right bedside table perfectly fit for your bedroom can be time-consuming and somewhat challenging for various reasons. Learn how a bedside table can satisfy all your needs while providing a variety of styles and purposes. Here are some questions which you need to answer to make the best choice;

How many bedside shelves do I need?

It is a common tradition to have bedside shelves on each side of the bed, especially for people who share a bed, as it balances the feel and appearance of your bedroom and allows you to store your bedroom essentials close to you. However, this can change because of certain factors, including enough money to purchase the two shelves, the size of the bedroom, and the number of people sharing the bed or the bedroom. If you choose to have two bedroom shelves, you should be keen on both designs to bring uniformity. At Tylko, you can choose a bespoke bedside tables unit (, dont be scared by th final cost of the number of shelves you want, get a cheap bedside tables from Tylko.

What height should your mid century bedside tables be?

Height is an essential factor in choosing an ideal nightstand. Bedside tables that are too low or too high are uncomfortable. A bespoke bedside table should be at level with the mattress or 2-5 inches higher for easier access to your essentials. For instance, you can get a tall bedside tables depending on your bed height.

Size of the bedside table

The size of your bedroom table should match the number of persons sharing it and the size of the bedroom. Instead of having two bedside tables, a couple can decide to have one large bedside table or wide bedside tables. Another critical factor to consider is the desired use of the bedside tables UK. For instance, a bedside table can be large if used as a bedside table, study desk, or ironing board.

Reasons to Install a Bookcase at Home

Reasons to Install a Bookcase at Home

There are a lot of things including furniture that you can buy to fill out your house, condo, or apartment. Installation of a small bookshelf is one of the greatest way a person can fill their living rooms, office, or other spaces. Actually, bookcases are ideal for most rooms as they make the rooms attractive and more functional. A room with disorganized books looks messy and undesirable. It may also be difficult for someone to find a specific book from an unorganized collection. We have highlighted some of the reasons why you need a living room bookshelf.

Bookcases are Space Savers

One of the most amazing fact about bookcases is they are available in a wide range of styles and dimensions. As a buyer, you can secure bookcases that can lean against the wall, a bookcase with drawer, a short bookcase, and a bookshelf with drawers, among others. No matter the type, bookcases are designed to help you free up some space and create some additional room at home. To maximize on space, you can go for a small bookcase that can fit under small spaces including under the stairs.

Bookcases are Appealing

Addition of a piece of furniture that brings extra style to the room is something that most buyers go for. A bookcase with drawers gives you the opportunity to store your collection of books in a cabinet that is both aesthetically pleasing and a reflection of your personal taste. With a wooden bookcase, you can give your living room a traditional touch. Additionally, [] wooden cases have been designed in such a way that they protect your valuable items from humidity and dust. You can also use a bookshelf with drawers to display your valuables. Such a bookshelf is the ideal combination of elegance and practicality.

Several Options to Choose From

As previously mentioned, bookcases are available in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials. For example, if space is of much importance to you, you can get a bookcase with storage to store some of your valuables. Besides storage of books, a storage bookshelf can also be used for storage of important documents including your birth certificate. You can also select a bookshelf storage that will complement your home’s design and style.


Before you are attracted by bookshelves with cabinets, it is important to consider whether it will match with the rest of the furniture in your living room. You also want to pick a bookcase that fits in with the overall color scheme and design of your house.

Examples of Bookcases and Their Uses

Examples of Bookcases and Their Uses

A bookcase is a piece of furniture that consists of a row of vertical or horizontal shelves. They are used in offices, libraries, homes, schools, bookstores, and public spaces to hold books. There are many different kinds of bookcases available, each with a different purpose. Here are some examples of bookcases and their uses.


A bookshelf is a piece of furniture that has shelves that are fixed to a frame. These are often used in schools and offices to store books. They come in a variety of heights and can reach the ceiling. Bookshelves can be adjustable or fixed permanently. They are made of different materials.

Bookshelves may be freestanding or installed on a wall. Normally, they have three sections or layers with enclosed doors, or may have more than one. Some models have extra partitions for decorative objects. They may also be permanently mounted on a wall. They are generally narrower and lighter in weight than bookcases.

A bookcase consists of multiple layers of shelves, and some may cover a large portion of a wall. They are typically made from wood and may be adjustable. However, they should be properly positioned because they can trip if they are not leveled. To avoid this, ensure the feet are leveled and add additional support.

A bookshelf can be an essential piece of furniture in almost any home. From a child’s room to an office room, a bookshelf can be used for books, toys, and even important papers. They come in many shapes and styles and can be crafted from wood, steel, or other materials.

Books are not only a form of entertainment, but they can also enrich your knowledge. It is important to protect your books. Books that are not stored properly can lose their quality faster. Having somewhere to store them can prevent this from happening. If they are stored in boxes, they may wear out more quickly than you expect.

This display bookcase has two adjustable shelves and a large top surface for display. It’s an excellent choice for any room. It will free up your living room from clutter while adding good looks to the space. And, because it’s adjustable, you can move it anywhere. You can even use it for your home office.

A bookshelf can be made of wood, metal, or glass. It can be tall or short. Depending on the size and layout of your living space, you’ll need to decide what type of shelf you’ll need. A great place to shop for stylish bookshelves is Nathan James. It has a great selection of contemporary and traditional bookshelves. When shopping for bookshelves, keep in mind the following tips.