Choosing Bedside Tables

Choosing Bedside Tables

There are several options to choose from when choosing a bedside table. These options include style, size, material, and functionality. Regardless of your needs, a bedside table can help you organize your bedroom. Read on to find out more about the various options. The next time you go to buy a bedside table, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

Size of a bedside table

A bedside table is a great place to keep a variety of items near the bed. They should be at least 20″ wide by 20″ deep. The height should match or be close to the height of the bed. You can buy smaller versions or large ones to fit different sized rooms.

If space is limited in your bedroom, you can buy bedside tables that have more storage space. Open cubes are great for keeping a bedside lamp and alarm clock, while shelved units with two or three drawers are ideal for hiding glasses, books, and medications. However, avoid placing too many things on top of a bedside table as this can create a cluttered look.


There are many different materials that make great bedside tables. Wood is a classic choice, but you can also use glass, metal, or even rattan for a unique look. If you choose glass, you should be aware of its fragility. Glass is easily scratched, attracts dust, and shows marks, so it should be cleaned regularly. Similarly, wooden bedside tables are classic and timeless, but they can be easily stained or scratched.

The materials for bedside tables can vary depending on the design. The Moon table features two side-by-side half circles with glass shelves on each side. This design features oak multilayer curved veneer, which is 7mm thick. The Moon table was the evolutionary result of the Era table, which was also made from oak.


There are many different styles of bedside tables available in the market. You can go for a simple one with no drawers, a more glam style with mirrored surfaces, or a bohemian style with rattan sides and a low center. Whatever your style, designers recommend that you take into account proportion and size when purchasing a nightstand.

A bedside table should be functional and also decorative. Some are made with drawers, which are handy for storing small objects and are convenient for visitors. Some also have open shelves that serve as a bedside library or display area.


Bedside tables can be a useful storage solution or a stylish piece of furniture. Some models have drawers, while others feature a flat surface above the mattress. Others may even have a handy cabinet with a door. Although most are not practical for storing anything larger than a book, bedside tables can serve a variety of purposes.

Bedside tables provide quick access to your bedroom essentials, from your alarm clock to your favorite book. If you have drawers, a bedside table is an ideal place to keep religious objects. Bedside tables are an important part of any bedroom, but there are some considerations before purchasing one.